A sinfully good time at Scarsdale

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Like many Mandaluyong peeps (oo, sa loob), I mourned the loss of Cherry Foodarama. t  lwas Shaw Boulevard institution and it was the grocery my cousins and I grew up going to. We’ve memorized the aisles through experience and memory. One of the first things I would see upon entering is the huge weighing scale and I would prop right on it. It was a good thing another favorite took its place – S&R. Along with the usual S&R items we loved, new establishments popped up as well. 

Scarsdale got my attention because of one thing – my love for doughnuts. Their menu had a good variety of sweet and savory doughnuts. They even had combinations I’ve never imagine in a doughnut.  We went here for merienda and wanted something salty besides just the sugar laden doughnuts. We got something salty, a doughnut and a croughnut.
The industrial look with a pop of color interiors work for me too!
What’s a great doughnut without a cup of coffee?
Spiked Coffeetini (P150)
Patron XO Café Dark, Vodka, Grand Mariner
This is my version of doing coffee in the afternoon, a Coffeetini! Haha For P150 this was a good deal. I liked that I could still taste the alcohol and the coffee individually forming one great alcoholic beverage.
Cheeseburger Doughnut (P180)
150 grams of US Angus Beef Patty, Tomato, Cucumber, Onions, Lettuce, Ketchup and Mustard
This was a definite first – a burger using doughnuts as a bun. I was intrigued but excited. The burger patty is in itself is quite good and tasted like a real burger. All the ingredients that accompanied it were fresh. The doughnut bun didn’t over power or weird out my palette – it actually worked well together. I wish they had an option for an actual bun as well. Though delicious, this burger felt heavy.
Bailey’s (P65)
The Bailey’s doughnut looks like a typical doughnut but looks can be deceiving. This doughnut was actually heavy. I could taste the white chocolate and alcohol to perfection but the flavor didn’t resonate as Baileys.
Carlo’s Favorite (P100)
This croughnut is Ayala de Zobel kind of rich. Haha! I loved the pecan on top of the doughnut because it added another dimension. Once you bite into this creation, you are welcomed by the luscious creamy taste of dulce de leche then treated to some crunch thanks to the pecan. The Belgian chocolate used in this invention reminded me of good old hot chocolate. I absolutely understand why this is Chef Carlo’s favorite!

All the items we tried were sinful and made me yearn for more.  Two words = Sugar Coma. It was a ridiculously diabetic experience but I would do it all over again.

S&R Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

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