Terrific taste and aesthetics at 14 Four Café

Friday, May 31, 2013

Here I go again with my penchant for design and food. When I read about 14 Four Café in Metro Home, it instantaneously landed in my must-see places. The café is actually located inside a furniture showroom – Sticks Designs. 14 Four Café is helmed by the daughter of Sticks Design, Niki Sambile.

Unfortunately during our visit, the showroom was under renovation. It was such a shame since I really wanted to check that out.

All of the furniture in the café is from Sticks Design but they aren’t for sale. The interiors of the café features an eclectic mix of homey pieces which I wanted to take home.

Attention-grabbing light fixtures.

When done well, I love a patchwork chair. I also have a thing for the oversized gray chair on the right.

The traveler in me lusts for this one.

As mentioned previously, Owee and I spent some quality time here. It took us forever to order. We both truly salivated over the dishes we ordered.

My view during lunch, someone peering over Owee’s shoulder!

The Local (P120)
Broiled Laguna white cheese, greens, crispy onions, pinipig brittle, balsamic guava dressing
The dressing came off strong but the white cheese neutralizes it. The Local is a perfect mix of textures and flavors merging to deliver one great salad.

Aligue & Tuyo Pasta (P230)
Creamy aligue sauce, tuyo flakes, hint of citrus
The tapa was my first choice but since Owee got that, I happily opted for my second choice – the Aligue & Tuyo Pasta. There is subtleness in the dish that allows you to taste each ingredient perfectly. The aligue and tuyo are the stars of the dish, “walang sapawan”. Haha

14 Four Tapa (P190)
With garlic rice, fried egg
Good old reliable tapa done well. Props to the garlic rice too for tasting like a true cup of garlic rice; not one of those versions that just has a hint of garlic.

We were stuffed but we still wanted dessert hence Owee and I proceeded to the garden which was calling us for a siesta. We didn’t take a nap but we snapped away. There are different pockets of good looking spaces outdoors to have your photo taken.

This is our “nagchichismisan” pose.

Silly us, we didn’t bring a tripod. Can you imagine the amount of photos we could have taken if we had a tripod with us??

After our photo sesh, it was time for dessert.

Cinnamon Bun Pancakes (P170)
Cinnamon swirled pancakes, cream cheese icing
I really wanted to get breakfast food but swayed myself to try “real food” instead. My compromise was to have this for dessert instead. Owee and I shared 3 glorious fluffy pancakes that satisfied my sweet tooth. These were so good I didn’t have to add syrup.

The café is only open Fridays – Sundays so if you’re trekking to the area, best to make a reservation. The visit to 14 Four Café elicits only good vibes for me. My tummy was full and my eyes had a visual treat as well. It is welcoming for different types of gatherings: family, friends, reunion and even a good date place. I can’t wait to go back to finally see the showroom and try more dishes.

14 Four Café
144 Magnolia Lane, Gregoria Heights Subdivision, Bgy San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal
For directions to the café, visit this link.


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  1. Good Evening!

    Just stumbled upon this entry!
    Thank you for visiting the cafe :)
    Glad you and your friend enjoyed your overall experience, we'd love to have you back.

    - Niki

    1. Hi Niki,

      Thanks for passing by. I'll be checking your page to watch out for the opening of the showroom so can hit 2 birds with 1 stone. =) I look forward to going back!


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