Summer shopping at the Surplus Shop

Sunday, April 07, 2013

During my early to mid 20s, I was a huge patron of the Surplus Shop. I thought I outgrew the store but one March day, I chanced upon the display and it intrigued me. The store was more organized and I saw a lot of items that I needed at prices I agreed with. With more than a dozen items in my arm, I headed for the fitting room.

I’ve been abusing my collection of Cotton On shorts (I told you I could live off wearing shorts!) and I truly needed new ones to add to my closet to ensure the longevity of my Cotton On staples. 

White Shelf Bra Tank (P169.75)
All sorts of different tank tops (starts at P169.75)
You can find a lot of solid tanks in different cuts.
Yellow Halter Dress (P399.75)
This dress reminded me of Danix. It has double lining so it’s not too thin to prance around in.
Old Navy Tee (P249.75)
This is a very thin shirt that is perfect for our tropical weather. I didn’t get this version because it looked to see through on me since I’m fair. I got the white version instead.
Striped Tank (P199.75)
I love the play of colors and cut of this tank.
Blue and Coral Stretch Tank Top (P199.75)
Don’t you just love the color combination of this one?
Khaki Twill Micro Mini Shorts (P299.75)
It’s been ages since I bought khakis (since I got all pear shaped) and I have new ones to add to my wardrobe. 
Arizona Blue Checkered Micro Shorts (P299.75)
Abercrombie & Fitch Army Green Twill Shorts (P299.75
Army green can be considered a basic color since you can match so many colors with it. 

O’Neill Gray City Shorts (P349.75)
For people who don’t want micro shorts, these shorts are perfect for you. 
Green Checkered Micro Shorts (P299.75)
Volcom Purple Checkered Shorts (P299.75)

This unplanned shopping spree produced a whole outfit ready to be used for my next adventure. Don’t forget to drop by the Surplus Shop to snag a couple of summer staples.

The Surplus Shop can be found in most SM Malls nationwide.

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