Meralco’s Liwanag Park in Ortigas 2012

Monday, January 07, 2013

I thought the Liwanag Park in the Meralco HQ was the only Liwanag Park set up by the company. According to this list, they set up a lot of Liwanag Parks! I was only able to visit the one located in Ortigas.

I’ve been to the Meralco compound in the past to watch plays or to jog (uhm this was a looong time ago) so I was familiar with the compound. Since this was a free event, brace yourself for a lot of people.

The theme this year was more contemporary. I remember themes from past years being very Filipino.

There are parts of the park you can only access if via the shuttle. The line was so long, the park would close before we could be accommodated so we skipped the Transformers section.

This year the park had a night bazaar. 

I wore my “Zest Air” endorser dress absolutely forgetting Meralco used the same colors too. 

We arrived at 9PM and missed the train since it closes at 8:30 PM. The guard joked, “Mam, low batt na.” Haha

Once you enter, you will be greeted by this feature. Call me shallow but I lit up when I saw this. 

I’m hoping this year’s theme would be more remarkable!

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  1. halos same lang pala ng display this year at last year

    1. Ay, that's disappointing. Kung bago sana, gusto ko bisitahin ulit.


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