The journey to Manila for My Kitchen is worth it

Sunday, November 04, 2012

I first tasted the wonders of Chef Chris Locher’s cooking at the mouth-watering C Italian Dining in Clark. I got goose bumps when I found out he opened My Kitchen in Manila! Yay! Then I read where it was located, at the Oasis Hotel in Paco Park which is not an area a frequent.

I am such a Deal Grocer patron. Another deal from the coupon buying site for My Kitchen came and I immediately bought the deal. It was a P395 coupon for a Half and Half Panizza worth P785. My Kitchen doesn’t have the option of half and half so this deal enabled you to try to types at one go.

Welcome bread while you wait. The experience at My Kitchen is precisely like C: prices are a steep but worth it, portions are generous, ingredients are top notch  and taste profiles are amazing.

Don Carmelo Panizza (P780)
Spicy chorizo, anchovies, thyme and peccorino cheese.

This half wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be which is good for my faint palette. With each bite, you can feel the meatiness.
Paco Panizza (P790)
Fine slices of herbed chicken fillet, smoked bacon, portabello and golden mushrooms, capers and slices of kalamata olives.

I have no words to express how perfect Paco was. The 2 kinds we ordered were severely different from each other and gave a good journey of flavours.
Risotto Kristina (P850)
Salmon fillet and prawn tails in perfect harmony with broccoli, mushroom and green asparagus in white truffle oil infused with parmesan risotto.

I adore risotto and this dish got me at broccoli. The risotto was infused with the essence of the salmon which complimented the vegetables flawlessly.
Lemon and Lime Cheesecake (P320)
Baked cheese cake with almond crust finely crusted with sugar crust sweet lemon lime sauce and almond.

I told you prices here weren’t cheap. You read it right, we didn’t order chocolate. Haha We wanted to try something different and this cheesecake stood out. The Lemon and Lime Cheesecake was bursting with citrus goodness. It wasn’t on the heavy side and it was the exactly what we needed to end the meal.  

Service was immensely better than C and food arrived promptly. If you don’t live near the area, make sure to make a reservation so that you won’t be disappointed. I was there with my parents and we didn’t over order; we were seriously stuffed. They liked the restaurant so much that when Deal Grocer had another My Kitchen deal, my mom asked me to get coupons for them.

Thank you Chef Chris for bringing your wonderful food closer to us! I can’t wait to go back during lunch so that I can visit the Paco Park too.


My Kitchen by Chef Chris
The Oasis Hotel
1032-34 Belen Street, Paco, Manila

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