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Thursday, October 11, 2012

When I’m busy working, music plays a vital role in my process, it helps me focus. With the right music, I get the energy necessary to get the task done. These days when my work entails writing, editing scripts or designing, I have several playlists on standby.

When I am pissed

Frustration and anger are part of the spectrum of human emotions. When I get livid and need to calm myself down to be productive I turn to my Johns: John Mayer or John Legend. Their soothing voices and melodies aid in lowering my blood pressure.

When I need to design

I usually need to pump myself up to let the creative juices flow when it comes to designing. My iPod shifts to upbeat music to sustain that energy and to keep the fuel in my tank going. This is my version of taking an energy drink, I start playing Justin Timberlake’s FutureSexLoveSounds album and it gets the job done.

When I write or edit scripts

Thinking can get hard. Haha I especially hate writer’s block. When serious writing and editing is needed, I get distracted with songs that have lyrics. It fogs my brain. Instrumental music is called to the plate. You might be thinking, that’s boring, you’ll fall asleep. I was exposed by a work friend to the music of the late great Japanese producer and DJ – Nujabes.

He has works that are just beats and some that have vocals too. His music is a mix of hip hop beats with jazz funk which is absolutely awesome. I also love listening to his music when I’m at the beach.


What music helps you when you work?

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