Fluff List: Techie 5

Monday, March 26, 2012

Clockwise from the top:
Roboto USB Hub $28
This is both functional and awesome at the same time! Mr. Roboto makes transferring stuff to your computer so much fun!
Cardboard Radio £25
This is an instant conversation piece! I bet whenever and wherever you use this, someone will chat you up about the radio.
Scented Gummy Bear Earbuds $18
I don't know if it provides good audio quality but y'all know I have a soft spot for bears! How adorable would it be to have gummy bear looking earbuds as you listen to your music?
Holga iPhone Lens $30
 I know a lot of people who use their iPhone camera more often than their actual camera. This Holga Lens will enable you to shoot a variety of photos and would be a good thing to have after you buy Progressive Field formerly Jacobs Field Tickets, Comerica Park Tickets or Kauffman Stadium Tickets and bring it to the games.

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