Lovely Items from the Correctional Institution for Women’s Livelihood Project

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The first project I got this year was for the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor), yes our prisons. The BuCor had an event last January 27 at the New Bilibid Prison to launch its 2022 Road Map and Stakeholders Fellowship and it was attended by the president. The event showcased BuCor’s plan for its 7 facilities all over the country.

I was able to be part of this project because of my boss, Sir Mike Marasigan. The souvenir program for the event was in magazine format so several articles about the facilities were created. Together with Owee, we were assigned to the Correctional Institution for Women (CIW) in Mandaluyong. It was my first time inside and I came out with such an overwhelming and amazing experience. All the horrible visuals I’ve seen on television and film were nowhere in sight. Despite the many problems that the CIW face like congestion, the facility was a place of pleasantry. The inmates and guards have a good relationship. The CIW is really a place of rehabilitation and not punishment. We heard a lot of stories of inmates who successfully go through the process and are ready to be immersed back into society.

As I mentioned, it was such an overwhelming experience. I don’t want to write a novel here but I would like to share something with you guys. One of the things that excited me in the CIW was their livelihood program which allows the inmates to add to their skill sets as well as generate income while inside. The women are exposed to poultry and livestock farming, bead making, sewing, candle making and much more. I just seriously loved the things I saw inside. Ask my family and friends, I’ve been talking about these items all month long.

these pouches are made from the film inside computers they say
 pillowcases made from scrap cloth (P35 each)

knit pouches


various paper products

I was so happy seeing the products that Owee and I started styling the items.

Keychains (P15-20); Coin Purses (P25-50); Cellphone Holder (P65)

Bags (P500-1,000)

This bag made of beads was in the middle of production when we saw it. Doesn’t it look like a mosaic? You can really see their creativity and hard work in their merchandise.

It’s very obvious that I’m most passionate about the beaded items. I really fell for the Philippine Flag designed items. Do you have a themed party any time soon? I’m sure they have a beaded item that you can give as a prize or giveaway to your guests.

This is my favorite photo from the livelihood project “shoot” Isn’t it inspiring? You don’t have to wait until June to buy nationalistic items. Cmon, get your hands on one of these. Customers can visit the facility from Mondays to Saturdays to see more of the inmates’ creations.

You like what you see? Help me help them! I really want to share the love about their products so that more people will buy! It’s just that simple. You can also donate materials that the CIW can use for their products. This was an unforgettable and enriching work shoot that I will never forget. Thank you universe for allowing me to have this. =)

For interested buyers, do get in touch with Ms. Jennifer Llanes or Elsa Martorillos at 02-5321726 or 02-5339986.

* Photos by Owee Salva

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  1. Replies
    1. masyado akong natuwa sa project na ito. hehe =) yes the pillow are quite nice as well! =)

  2. Galing po kami dyan last Feb 17, '14 for our Abpsyc subj.. and yes nakaka amaze po talaga ang mga gawa nilang beads. I even bought some of the items. Saka binigyan po ako ng isang inmate na heart na wallet gawa sa beads. Lovely! :')

  3. hanggang anong oras po cla open ng Sunday.. We're planning to visit CIW today. but we dont know their vising hours

    1. Hi Erika, thanks for dropping by. I'm not sure about the visiting hours. Best to call before going. =)


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