Oh what a Friday

Friday, October 28, 2011

I had different things to attend to today and it was a good day! It was simple but it made me smile.

I loved seeing people lining up for the Nicholas Sparks signing at the Podium! It started at 5 PM and at 8 PM, there was still a long line and I could see Mr. Sparks smiling. The line had more than 600++ people. His hand must be so sore already. I'm sure he's had other signings with more people but I was happy to see so a lot of teens in line to meet their fave author. =)

Another thing that made my day? Sebastian's Snack Attack Dive Bar!! What is the Snack Attack? "Brown Butter Ice Cream hand-dipped in Caramel and rolled in chocolate covered potato chips, peanut butter covered pretzels and honey roasted peanuts." Doesn't that sound divine???

Oh what a nice start to the long weekend. Hope you have a chill/boozy/adventurous weekend! =) Which ever type you want! =p

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