My Batanes Dream Came True Part 10: Chavayan and Nakabuang Beach

Friday, September 09, 2011

Chavayan, From the net:
Famous for its rows of old houses, old streets, old sites. Chavayan is likely what you will forever remember about your vacation in Batanes.

Nakabuang Beach, from the net:
One of the most pictured beach spot in Batanes. Famous for its stone/rock arch formation in a very private cove. Ideal site for picnic, snorkeling and camping.
Then last stop was the BEAUTIFUL Nakabuang (you read it right) beach. It’s the beach you would always see whenever Batanes is mentioned. It’s the beach with the arc which was ideal for me, a place to hide when the sun would torch me. The problem was, it was raining!!! =( So it was gloomy...the way there muddy....So i didn’t go to the beach! Hahaha I also didn’t want to swim 10 minutes and shiver the whole way home. So check out their pics with dory (my underwater camera) instead. I have to come back to sabtang when the weather is sunny!!! =)

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* Additional photos from Danix Labudahon and Owee Salva.

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