My Batanes Dream Came True 13: Last Hurrah

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rates are standardized in Batanes so you don’t have to worry that the travel agency is screwing you over. It’s best to book through the Batanes Cultural Travel Agency. You really need to be part of a tour to get around. Bring a lot of love when you visit this province.

Thank you to the Bartilads for welcoming us in your home and treating us like family. We felt like family and know that we will always have family in Batanes. Your generosity and care is beyond leaps and bound. We learned so much about your family and got a lot of life lessons as well. You guys have such a blessed life! I cannot stop saying thank you for one of the most magical times in my life.

Danix, Owee and Noel, I’m reiterating what I said before – thank you for being part of this adventure! It’s an experience I will always have with you guys and they can’t take that away from us!

Dios Mamajes!!!

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* Additional photos from Danix Labudahon and Owee Salva.

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