Manila Photo Walk for August Part 3: Casa Roces

Friday, September 30, 2011

Hungry and tired, we headed to Casa Roces in Malacañang for lunch – at 4 PM! I’ve read good things about Casa Roces and was glad to finally have the opportunity to troop to Manila and try this place out. We decided to eat first, explore later since we were sticky, dirty and ravenous.

Casa Roces is in fact the name of the place housing the restaurant and the store. Food was provided for by Café Chino.
Onion Soup Gratin P125
Sweet onions in a flavorful broth topped with gruyere caramelized crouton

Fideos with Spanish Chorizo Ala Diablo P255
Spanish-inspired pasta dish of sliced chorizos and paprika

The aldente angel hair pasta gives you a kick at the end thanks to the paprika. The light tomato sauce meshes well with the spicy chorizo meatball as well. Overall the dish was delicious but oily.

Pan-fried Sole ala Beure Noisette P220
Pan-friend sole fillets with butter and capers

The fish was crunchy in the outside and juicy in the inside that just melts in your mouth. You can really taste the capers in the fish without the presence of actual capers. The fish soaked in butter, which sounds bad for your health but utterly delicious for you palette, goes perfect with rice – it will make you want to down a lot of rice.

We were too full after devouring everything. Since we wanted to have dessert but didn’t have space for it, we decided to explore the rest of the property to make space.

Casa Roces is known for its vintage and homey interiors. I could picture the grandkids running around enjoying the beauty of the house. Can you imagine growing up in this stunner?

The second floor has several function rooms that can accommodate meetings and private parties.

You also have the option to dine outdoors; just make sure to slather insect repellent.

After touring the rest of the house, we were ready for dessert!
Malacañang Frozen Souffle P380
This is their best seller and the most expensive thing we ordered. It is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. The lemon flavor of the soufflé is complimented by the speckles of pistachios around it. The top part of the dessert is a mix of a froth and mousse while the bottom portion seemed like a denser meringue. This is the perfect dessert to end your meal since it washed down all the flavors from the previous dishes. It’s a light and delectable end to a heavy lunch.

You’ll also love the staff of Casa Roces. They were all friendly, eager to serve and knowledgeable about the property. All our questions were correctly and gamely answered by them.

We originally wanted to tour the Malacañang area but it was already 6 PM and we were too tired already. Despite the sore feet and sticky feeling, the August Photo Walk was an absolute success. I felt inspired after being able to shoot and explore Manila. There is soooo much more of Manila that I want to discover.

The rest of my Manila Photo Walk for August posts are here: Part 1 and Part 2. Make it a Manila weekend and have a staycation in the city. Book your hotel here.

* Additional photos from Danix Labudahon.

Casa Roces
1153 J.P. Laurel corner Aguado Streets, San Miguel, Manila (just across Malacañan Palace)
02-7355896, 02-7084020

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