They meant it when they called it SWEET Bella

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have a sweet tooth, but OMG Sweet Bella means business!

Disclaimer, when we ordered our desserts we didn’t see the prices. Haha Upon entering the shop, my eyes grew big upon seeing the sweet treats I could choose from. All the goodies looked tempting and the boxes were stacked beautifully together.

Chocolata (P220)
Chocolate cake layered with rich ganache topped with chocolate glass.
Chocolate overload, promise! This cake was chocolate over chocolate with more chocolate. Order this if you’re a serious chocolate lover or you’ll get overwhelmed! I am a choco-lover so I appreciated every bit of this cake. Btw, that butterfly thingie is purely made out of sugar, talk about sugar rush!

Pearl (P295)
Light and refreshing pink guava mousse filled with flambéed Guimaras mangoes.
I wanted our 2nd cake to be a fruity one to contrast the Chocolata. The pearl piqued my interest since it had Guimaras mangoes and we all know the best mangoes come from there! My sister didn’t like it. Haha I found the cake very unique, it is unlike anything I tasted but it wasn’t something I’d crave for. This cake is for someone with an experimental palette.

The whole group was full from dinner so we only ordered 2 slices of cake. Sweet Bella has an assortment of macaroons that can rival those of Bizu.

The second floor looked divine. I could imagine myself spending hours chatting the day away catching up with friends. If Sweet Bella was in Ortigas, I would be here often.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and would like to indulge it, Sweet Bella is the place for you.

Sweet Bella Cafe
Burgos Circle, Rizal Drive, Global City, Taguig

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