Premiere Fluff List: Techie Stuff

Monday, August 01, 2011

Before you get all defensive, “fluff” in my world is positive! I define fluff as things or information that you don’t necessarily need but love to share. Ok, my blog is full of fluff then! Haha It is also defined by its randomness, it just pops in your brain and you become this wide-eyed person just waiting to spill the information.

My goal is to welcome you every first of the month with a fluff list with a specific theme. This is different from my annual “Christmas Give List” mind you! These are 4 items brought together by moi with something in common.

No need for long explanations, here’s the first ever Fluff List featuring gadgets or things for your gadgets.

1. Literary Art Iphone4 Cases $35.00
2. Cooperative Trompe L'Oeil Laptop Case $28.00
3. Guitar + Cassette USB Memory Drive $29
4. Iphone Etch-A-Sketch Case $22.99

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