Bellarocca Part 5: The Best Thing About the Resort

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chalk it up to my lack of stays at 5 or 6 star hotels and resort but I loved Bellarocca. I’ve stayed in Shangri-la properties here in the country and in Kota Kinabalu but the service provided by Bellarocca was better.

I can sum up the experience in 3 words: Filipino hospitality elevated.

From the moment we stepped off the plane, the Bellarocca team handled our luggage while we waited in the van, gave us cold mineral water and an equally cold towel to freshen up. It was a good start to the trip!

We never encountered any problems during our land and sea transfers.

We arrived in our terraza and a personalized letter of what to expect in the resort and what things we could enjoy was there for us. We also had welcome chocolates, yay!

While other hotels would bring in staff from other parts of the country or the world, Marinduque is different - most of their staff are locals. I find it wonderful that Bellarocca is able to give good jobs to the people of Marinduque.

During our tour, our guide answered all our questions and even offered to take our photos! She took good photos of us!

I normally feel guilty when I keep asking for stuff from the staff but I never felt guilty in Bellarocca. I never felt like I was imposing anything. They made me feel like its ok to ask for things because they’re there to make my stay better. I really felt like the staff like their jobs and they genuinely want you to have the perfect vacation. They always had a positive vibe when you encounter them and a huge smile on their face.

On our last night, we were given another letter thanking us for our stay and reminders for a stress free checkout. True enough, the next morning at the crack of dawn (or fine, 6 AM) we had a smooth checkout.

All 3 of us were unanimous in saying that if money wasn’t a problem we’d go back to Bellarocca. If you visit the island and pay the regular rate, I think you would be satisfied. However, if you visit the island using the deal we got – you’d be doing cartwheels. I felt at home at Bellarocca. The place allows you to really get away from the mad world of the city and unwind. You will submit to the island’s charm and relax. More than anything else, their service is the main thing that made me want to come back for me. Deal Grocer, please have another promo!

In summary, I had a freakin’ remarkable vacation at Bellarocca with 2 really great friends.

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* Additional photos from Mangored and Tin Samson.

Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa
Corporate Sales Office:
Suite 2804, 28th Floor, Ayala Life-FGU Center, 6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
02-817 7290; 02-328 8831
Resort Address:
Barangay - Tungib - Lipata, Municipality of Buenavista, Province of Marinduque

Past Photo Walks:
January - Quiapo and Makati
February - Negros Occidental
March - Zamboanga
April - Corregidor

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  1. haay remarkable indeed! abangers mode na ko deal grocer nito ^_^

  2. Wow. ang taray ng pg welcome nila. nice one! pangarap q pumunta ng bellarocca. sana makapag ipon at sana magkataon na may promo.. :)

    1. In time and with the right opportunity kaya yan! Worth it ang pag punta. =)


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