Roro Funnies

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I’ve been out of rotation because I had an out of town shoot. It was an 11 hour travel to San Jose, Mindoro by land and Roro. It was just my 2nd time to ride the Roro.

The “air conditioned” room is fake, there is no air conditioning though it has the most comfortable seats but without proper ventilation.

Since Pinoys make do, check out these Roro funnies! Ahihihi

Someone brought a hammock! Mwahahaha Winner!

Some slept on the deck. Note to self, bring a mat next time.

I sat on the deck. Haha I would rather sit on the floor and have air than roast inside.

Spotted, socks with slippers. Eeeepppp.....Fashion no-no.

Ang Pinoy talaga, ang saya diba? =)

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