The OC’s heaven – Howard’s Storage World

Thursday, May 12, 2011

* Pardon the quality of the photos, they were taken by my phone.

Brought in by the Robinsons Group, Howard’s Storage World originated in Australia. Say au revoir to living in a chaotic world and drown in the organizing tools the store has to offer!

I was giddily gliding from one aisle to the other loving the stuff they had. They have everything for all the rooms in your house.

The shushal way of doing laundry. Haha

Who doesn’t have NAKED baby photos inside the Orocan timba? Shushal timba! Haha

Panalo! (P129.75)

Yummy pastel ice cream scoopers (P699.75)

Everything on ice! So cccuuute!

Customize your own closet to maximize your space.

My giddiness slowly turned into irritation. The staff and security guards started watching me like a hawk making me feel uncomfortable. (1) There were NO “No Photography” signs, (2) If they came up to me and told me it wasn’t allowed I would have stopped. Don’t make me feel like a criminal if I didn’t do anything wrong. Dude, I’m actually promoting your store. Tsktsk…..

Howard's Storage World
3rd Floor Robinsons Place Ermita, Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico St., Ermita, Manila
6th Floor Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyonf

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  1. ok im inlove with this place! this is kim by the way and not mj! ako yung oc sa aming dalawa eh..

  2. mwehehehehe kimbee! i saw a pack saving thingy...compression bag for clothes? i didnt post it here yet cos a friend was telling me eagle creek had them and they were awesome. i needed to compare before buying. haha

    so pag nagmanila na kayo, iwan mo si mj sa forever 21 sa mega tapos punta ka dito sa howards sa shang. quits! ahihihihihi


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