I kinda gave birth, to Blonde Fish

Monday, April 25, 2011

Owee and I have been working on this baby for months, seriously! We knew it was gonna be laborious since it was a start up but we’d cheer each other on when time got a bit tiring or frustrating.

Blog world, meet my new baby – Blonde Fish!

What exactly is Blonde Fish?
“Choose from our catalogue of letters, numbers and characters to create your own Personalized Alphabet Portraits. Add punch to any room, immortalize an occasion or give a thoughtful gift with Blonde Fish. “

Blonde Fish is the perfect marriage of things Owee and I love - personalizing things and photography. Fine, I’m biased. I really do like how it makes a room pop or gives you that homey feel when you enter a room.

All the photos used in our catalogue is from us. It’s funny, now Owee and I see things in letters! We were in the car once and excitedly squealed “W!” Haha We went to the side of the road, Owee got out of the car and got us a W.

Please do like our page and explore. We have 4 sizes which are priced between P1350 – P1800. All the information you need is on our page. Order your own Blonde Fish, now! =) Please? Haha

* Click photos to enlarge.

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  1. Galing ng concept! I likey very much! Send me a press kit! Might be able to help you with some media exposure. :)

  2. aaaawww thanks gf! =) we're really excited and eager. haha naku, dont worry...kukulitin kita dapat for it. haha i actually sent you an email cos im fixing things before "launching" it and sending collateral to people. =)


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