Goldilocks for Blondes??

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I get me some One Naturales loot from my friend Tin. (Thankie Tin!) One Naturales is a Filipino brand of beauty and body products that are organic and environmental friendly (yay!).

I opted to try their shampoo aptly called “Goldilocks for Blondes”. The name is extremely ironic for a Filipino brand and whose current market is well, Filipinos. I laughed when I knew about the name since it was coincidental that Tin gave it to me and well…I’m blonde. Haha

Packaging of One Naturales’ soap.

It pops out to look like this – thank god it had its own soap dish.

I wanted to try this first since it was different – it was a bar of soap. I was reading the instructions and was embarrassed about the grammatical error.

The packaging says the bar of soap is equivalent to 3 8 oz. bottles of shampoo so that’s pretty impressive. With my thick hair, I used 4 strokes of it on my hair and it was sudsy. My hair did feel squeaky clean after using it. In terms of making my hair straighter, shinier and all that, I can’t say - I used conditioner with a different brand. The packaging did say it is best used with their conditioner.

I’ve been a fan of the brand since it started because of its green-ness, witty names and wonderfully concocted products. Will I buy the conditioner? No just because I still have a LOT in stock. If anyone wants to give me one, I will welcome that bar of conditioner.

* One Naturales products are available at Watson’s.

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