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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I like t-shirts and would probably still use them even if I get ancient. I also have a thing for statement tees. I love some American brands because I can get statement tees in reference to my uhm mestiza-ness. Haha yes, I’m down playing it. Hahaha “Fresh” from my database, I present you my fave tees.

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1. Talk from Abercrombie & Fitch (well...I’m talkative, go figure!) haha
2. Hollywood Beach from Hollister (I like the cut, the simple “Proud to be from” format is also appealing.)
3. Sunshine Tee from Delias (It’s the one on the right. I have a doodled designed jacket that would go hand in hand with this one.)
4. Gimme shoes from Wet Seal (The design isn’t absolutely great but the thought behind it is! Said the shoe addict and co-owner of the Treehouse. Haha)
5. This is only a test from Delias (I pay homage to my background.)
6. Hippe Chick from Aeropostale (Yes I’m a Libra, let’s all get along please. The obvious bias is of course it being blue.)
7. Snoopy Landscape from Doe (One word, SNOOPY.)
8. Peace Relaxed Tee Graphic from Aeropostale (One look and this is such a Rica shirt.)
9. Blue Eyes from Abercrombie & Fitch
10. Santa’s Fave Blonde from Hollister

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