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Friday, October 29, 2010

I love discovering finds in not so obvious places. Have you been to Shoppersville lately? The Katipunan landmark was part of my “home” during my Miriam years. You’re not a certified product of Katipunan schools (or villages) if you don’t have a Shoppersville one story. (What is a one story? Literally that ONE story you associate with a place, person, thing etc. That when you see that place, person, thing, etc., it’s that ONE story you tell every time.) Many people know about the supermarket and Bakeshoppe on the ground floor. One floor up lies more merchandise that's worthy of another look.

My friend Tin generously shared some of her finds with me. With the holidays approaching, Shoppers (as most people call it) has some pieces good for trick or treaters or Christmas gifts.

Cellphone Charms (P18 – 95.50)
Everyone has one though at times I wished times were simpler and we weren’t that dependent on technology. Gosh, kids with cellphones seem to get younger by the day. Anyhoo, Shoppers has different types of cellphone charms, wrist holders, etc that cater mostly to girls and women.

Towel Lollies! (P75.75)
They are still candy but inedible. Teach the kids a thing or two about hygiene by having a handy towel in their bag.

Assortment of incense, reed diffusers and candles (P90 – 180)
It’s such a Pinoy attribute to be aesthetically beautiful despite problems. An average Filipino may have a problem but will still take the time to go to the salon or prettify the house. Give the gift of serenity and loveliness to spruce up any home, room or even office cubicle. Just DON’T forget to blow the candle when you’re leaving the area or going to sleep!

And so much more!

Christmas Ribbons (P68.75 – 72.75 for a pack with 3 designs)

Pouches (P25 – 90)

Photo Frames (P63 – 396)

Photo Albums (P108 – 414)

Make Your Own Card Sets (P126)

Art sets

Take advantage of their Toy Sale that’s ending this October. Avoid cramming Christmas shopping and start NOW. =)

Oh, join their recently created Facebook Page!


355 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City
02-9208050, 02-9291304

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