Mila's Dreams (Cute baby alert!!)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Just the other day, my sister was asking costume suggestions for Halloween for her toddler inaanak (god child). It’s hard to find costumes for babies here in the Philippines since the options are very limited. However with tremendous ingenuity comes great output (right Spiderman?). Haha

One day while blog hopping, I came across Mila’s Dreams.!!! Adele Enerson is a new mom from Helsinki taking her maternity break from the world of advertising.

Being the Curious George that I am, I had so many questions about the logistics and thought process of Adele so I snooped around her blog. This is such a production but Adele mentions that it only takes a few minutes to produce these amazing images which makes sense cos you wouldn’t want to wake up the baby! Mila, Mom’s dressing you up without your knowledge and then wakes you up??? One infraction (dressing you up) is enough. Haha!

It’s just too adorable.

Mila hanging out.

I love the production design of “Nirvana”.

The “Princess and the Pea” is one of my favorites! It’s one of the stories I remember reading when I was a kid and Mila’s yawning here. Haha

I admire the abundance of creativity that flows through this Mom’s brain. It’s such a visual treat; the concept and execution is sheer adorability. Can you imagine when Mila is an adult and she gets to show off her baby photos??? Winner! Oh, Adele uses a point and shoot camera for all these images – just a Canon Ixus 750. I don’t think I have the energy to do this when I have a kid. Haha

Here's Mila who's cuter awake!

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