Chocolate overload at Chocolate Fire

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I’ve never hid my obsession with chocolate. I do however see now that it needs to be lessened and...moderated. Hahaha This post has nothing to do with moderation but with the addiction. I’ve been aware of stores specializing in chocolate but chose not to go near them. Xocolat, Cacao, (yung Jupiter chocolate) and Chocolate Fire are just some of the places I’ve avoided. I knew the day would come when I would give in to one of them – that day was October 1.

We had a long night, were hungry and felt we deserved to feel better. There were many stories about October 1 but I will only share one, that of my first visit to Chocolate Fire. Instant mood upper! Haha First off, we were really hungry and needed real food. No, 10 pounds of chocolate no matter how fabulous does not constitute as a proper meal. They have little real food (thus the name Chocolate haha) at rather steep prices. As my other friend said, “Gourmet daw.” (It’s gourmet.)

I got the Mortadella Sandwich (P260 – Mortadella cold cut, sausage, mozzarella, fresh basil, sliced olives, sun dried tomatoes, romaine lettuce) and it was ridiculously good. I could taste each individual ingredient yet the combination of everything gave a new taste profile. I’m guilty of being PG hungry so I attacked the sandwich without taking a photo of it. Good thing I was able to find a photo on their Facebook page.

Onto the main event; I love the proportions and abundance choices at Chocolate Fire making the menu flexible. First timers can sample as much as their tummies can take. You get to experience the different permutations without getting filled on your first go. It makes chocolate tasting more enjoyable and economical. Some items are sold by piece or by weight just like in the market. You control your intake.

I was overwhelmed with the extensive chocolate menu. Their staff patiently and happily answered our queries and gave actual recommendations – not the cookie cutter answer “Lahat po yan Mam masarap.” (Everything is delicious.) After a good 10 minutes I was able to finally make up my mind.
The strawberry dipped chocolate (P95) which is one of their best sellers, did not disappoint. The strawberry is probably twice the size of the ones from Baguio.

I love mixing together sweet and salty foods so the potato chip covered chocolate (P45) is an obvious choice. The Pringle potato chip is thickly covered with chocolate but doesn’t overpower like that of Royce.

The cranberry bark reminded me of Cadburry’s Fruit and Nut. It was good but not explosively memorable.

Tin ordered a milk chocolate kiss, white chocolate kiss and this milk chocolate pyramid which had nuts inside.

Oh, you can’t take a photo of their display. Most of the items come in different types of chocolate: white, milk and dark. They have different plain shaped chocolates for those wanting to try the basics; chocolate covered fruits like strawberry, cherries, apples and even durian; go experimental with chocolate + chilli and barks that showcase more combinations like the Breakfast Bark (oats, cereal, etc).

I would want to go back with the whole baranggay and go on another tasting spree. Remember, more people mean more chances of tasting different types of ooey-chocolatey goodness. Thank god it’s all the way in Makati or else temptation would be knocking on my door on a daily basis.

* Additional photos from Chocolate Fire
PDCP Building, Corner of Leviste Street & Rufino Street, Salcedo Village, Makati
Mon - Thurs: 11 AM - 12 MN
Fri: 11 AM - 2 AM
Sat: 3 PM - 2 AM
Sun: 4 PM - 11 PM

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  1. yeah, it's good thing it's in makati :P i tried it once early this year, had some of the choco bark thing and cookies. their cookies weren't really good, quite matigas. choco bark thing was good, though it can be overwhelming especially since i got the one with many stuff in it. worth the trip, nonetheless :)

  2. ooohhhhh!!! why were you in that part of town? =) I hafta go back, so much more concoctions to try! Wiiihhh!!! =)


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