An eco-friendly pen + a picky pen user = happy me

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yes, even with pens I’m picky. It has to be:
(1) black
(2) ballpoint
(3) at least 0.7
(4) doesn't smudge

So that's a no to sign pens and small ballpoints. Heck, I'm "blind" remember, so I need em thick. I've wanted to get a refillable version to do my small share in saving the environment (link) but I haven’t found one that agrees with my preferences. However, I did come across the Treehugger pen that might just compensate. Apparently, its 95% environmental friendly and for every pen you buy you help restore our stores. However it doesn’t say how. Haha

Anyway for a mean time pen, I’m pretty happy with it. =) If it helps the environment, I’m all for it. =)

P20 at all National Bookstore outlets.

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