Summer Postcards

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I normally don’t travel during summer since it’s the peak season. Surprisingly, I was fortunate to take 2.5 (yes may half!) trips this year. Since February, I’ve chosen to focus on work since the magnitude of the show called for it. Family and friends hardly saw me including my parents who I live with!

Those 2.5 trips saved me. They came during periods when I needed to reenergize. I cant blog intensively (yet) about the trips so here are postcards in the mean time. Thank you Baguio (the .5! It wasn’t a full fledged trip since we were there for a wedding), Guimaras and Coron! Til we meet again!

April - Guimaras (Part 1 and Part 2)
I was in awe of how clear the water was. There is so much more of this island that we weren't able to explore.

May - Baguio
The half trip! Cool weather during summer? How awesome is that! What did I do? EAT, eat and eat some more!

May - Coron
Coron has always been on my list and I'm glad to have crossed it off. We were only there for 3 packed days but experience and saw a lot. A trip of many firsts and curses but it didn't dampen our spirits. Can't wait to go back! Gosh....LURVE!

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