(Edit) I haaaavveee you : Luckies' Undercover Laptop Sleeve

Friday, May 28, 2010

So yeah...I'm O.C. like that. So yeah, I like buying stuff for my stuff....Jj (may laptop) doesn't have her accessories yet. She is using a laptop bag that is actually bad for my back. I want to get a skin, sleeve and bag for her. Can you say over protective? Hahaha For everything, I haven't found anything that I want. =( I really plan to get a backpack when I go to Vietnam in June so in the mean time, I need a sleeve to put Jj in my normal backpack.

I've been around the cyberworld and Megamall but haven't seen a design that I LURVE, lurve. Then today, I saw one! I passed Jenni Epperson's blog and immediately fell in love.

EDIT! I already bought it. Haha Jj has some threads! =)

Luckies' Undercover Laptop Sleeve, P1,550 from Quirks in Powerplant.

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