Cyber Window Shopping: Maxi Dresses

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I haven’t done any summer shopping yet, I haven’t had the time! I’ve had 1 trip already this summer which is historic on its own because I don’t normally travel during summer – peak season. Hahaha Surprisingly, I have another trip planned this May and should really hit the mall/GH/Divi for the essentials and a couple of bonus items. Hahaha ok scratch that…should not buy a lot of bonus items!

I’ve wanted a maxi dress since 2 seasons ago but since I’m picky I’ve been unsuccessful. The print has to pop and the style uncomplicated. Instead of being frustrated, I’ve taken the time to search the web instead. It’s something that relaxes me…..What I don’t love about online shopping is that most of the things I like aren’t available here. Boo! I think I just need to hit the malls to get my fix. =)

Forever 21’s Floral Tropics Maxi Dress ($19.90)

I love the style and the print. Though I know I’d be limited with the activities that I can do in a tube dress. It’s so easy to wear with flats and glam up with heels. This is easily an “eating dress” – a dress you can use and hit the buffet several times!

Alexist ($359 – and that’s the freaking sale price!!)

It’s too expensive but a girl can dream. This one is ssssooo sexy!

Pearl and Eve’s Maisie Maxi Dress (P1,880)

A local store! One of the Take Me Out girls is the friend of the designer. I love how it looks on Jem! If only I had legs that goes on forever…

Another Pearl and Eve Dress

This is the one I fell in love with but wasn’t able to see it on their website. You can customize it, just inquire.

Ted Baker Spectrum Print Maxi Dress ($336.49)

No I’m not salivating over this one, it just caught my eye. This I would say is a graphic designer’s dress. Hahaha

The hunt continues!

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