Another Luggage Sale, Fight!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm a fan of sales and a bigger fan of luggage sales! Great quality luggage comes at a premium so I don't mind spending good money for a good brand. From this blog, it's pretty obvious that I get around much? Haha On my birthday 2 years ago, there was a bodega sale in Binondo. Being the shopaholic and bargain hunting family that we were, i dragged my sister, brother-in-law and cousin to go. It was a good day that I recall fondly. I blogged about the damage in my Multiply site but that's reserved for friends and family. I'm sharing our finds here again. =)

World Traveller Duffel bag with trolley. My 4 day weekend bag, also known as my "Philippines' bag.
retail price: P2,290

sale price: P1,600

American Tourister, 20-30 kilos i think teehee I've been looking for this size, also known as my "Around Asia" bag. Haha Too bad they didnt have it in black. 4-wheel drive. I used this bag 2 months after buying it.
retail price: P7,390

sale price: P3,700

Samsonite bag, 20-30 kilos ata haha cant remember.
Meet Kiwi, Nix got this for her Singapore exodus (she's still there!). A woman came up to Nix asking how much she got it for. Woman said she bought it before in Samsonite for 18-19k! =)

retail price: P15,000

sale price: P4,500

Samsonite laptop bag
retail price:P16,980
sale price: P2,500

My luggage needs are now complete! One bag for the Philly, one bag for Asia and my Mom has a bigger bag that's perfect for the States! When people find out how much my red maleta is, they cringe in envy. I just say it was a matter of being lucky and to wait for another sale.

That being said, there's another one coming! =) I read this on Nina's blog. I pass on the love for may you find great luggage in prices that are awesome like we did 2 years ago!
The local distributor of Echolac, Elle, Wenger, Slazenger, Eminent and Carlton will be holding a summer sale of their products on April 27-30, 2010. Prices are discounted up to 70% off on certain items. Credit card payments are accepted. The sale will be at their office at Suite 1908 Robinsons Equitable Tower, ADB Avenue corner Poveda Road, Ortigas Center. The office is open from 9am to 6pm. For inquiries, call Che at 634-8973 to 76.

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  1. for my family we choose to buy wenger luggage. for its made from water resistant materials. kaya we choose to use that luggage


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