Cyber Window Shopping

Friday, March 19, 2010

I like shopping. I also shop vicariously through others so when I have my shopping face on, I get the job done. (Just ask my friends Danix and Owee who have been my "victims".) I was doing research for work (it really was) since I needed brands to partner with for the new show. It’s not my fault I stumbled upon things that I kinda drooled over!

So here are more things I'm lusting over but should not (repeats to self, SHOULD NOT!) buy!

Olivia's Silent Temptation: Neil (P1350)

I want this dress! I'm curious what the Blue and Cream one looks like. I'm always partial to blue. Hihi Fine, play JT’s “Sexy Back” right now. Its such a cliché with the dress. Hahaha

Telebasura's Safety Pin Necklace (P200)

I don't accessorize much but when I do, I'm a cuff and bracelets kinda girl. I've been noticing necklaces more so perhaps its my new phase. I had a ring phase when I was younger, I'd have a ring for all my fingers sometimes! Haha

Renegade Folk’s Desire (P2,550)
From the front, it looks like a classic pair of pumps but when it turns, oh-la-la! Vicious heels that could really hurt someone, I fell in like. I would have fallen in love if it were silver studs. I find them too trendy to spend on but if I had the money to just spend, this would definitely be high on my list.

However, I actually need work appropriate clothes. Hahaha On a slightly connected note, I need to buy a laptop for work so shopping for fluff should be non-existent.

* Photos from respective websites.

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