Post Its

Friday, February 19, 2010

I have memories of trapper keepers, philo faxes/organizers, stationeries, post-its and other ridiculous and (at times) useless paper products. I’ve outgrown that addiction but managed to retain remnants of it in practical doses.

Instead of my organizer, I’ve resorted to using a planner. The leftover post-its from that phase are getting major exercise now. In fairness, I haven’t bought a single post in at LEAST 10 years, HA! However, I broke that streak yesterday. While shopping for prizes for this children’s party, I came across them. The designs are limited and they come in 2 sizes only. Cute, useable and cheap; loves it! No, I’m not getting sucked into that phase again.

P60. The Sticky Note Folio had 5 designs; I only liked 2 of them.

P50. They had less designs for the Sticky Note Handi Pack and I liked this one the best.

Available at Stall 1A-13, 168 Shopping Mall.

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