Lusting over Travelling Furniture

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's my cousin Nix's fault. She sent me an email with photos of travelling furniture. I'm an over packer already so why in the world would I want to bring furniture with me when I travelled? I laughed my bum off when I saw the photos and my initial reaction was totally wrong. Instead, I fell in love and started obsessing.

White Samsonite from Recreate
This is the first piece I fell in love with and ignited my interest in “travelling furniture”. As Nix said “This is so you!”, I couldn’t agree with her more. Kate Thompson transformed this old suitcase into a piece of useable art. This happens to be the type of upholstery I’ve been eyeing for some time. I NEED to have this in my home one day!

Purple Stripe from Recreate
Another creation of Kate Thompson who’s upholstery I liked that utilized a good combination of color. I love the stickers on the suitcase since it the type of thing I would do. (hello, check out Pasto’s Site!)

A Pile of Suitcases from Maarten De Ceulaer
Talk about a conversation piece! Isn’t ingenious? Perhaps having this cabinet with the chair in one room is too much. I wouldn’t mind having this in my bedroom and the chair in the living room. By the time I have my house, perhaps a Filipino furniture designer can customize this for me.

Sitbag Chair and Ottoman from Maybe Design
This has a retro feel to it but its too clean bordering antiseptic. The ottoman gets points though for looking like corn.

Milk Bottle Lamps from Recreate
Ok, ok. It’s not exactly furniture but it still made me smile. Pretty awesome, right? Can you imagine the old Magnolia Chocolait bottles for this? Or for big beer drinkers, San Mig all the way!

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