Food Cravings: Thai Food

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I like spicy food but too bad my taste buds feel other wise so I’ve been trying to train my palette to endure this realm of taste. Since the Bangkok trip last year, I’ve loved Thai food more. To get a taste of Thailand in Ortigas, visit My Thai Kitchen in Robinson’s Galleria.

Go for their ala-carte, merienda buffet or the lunch/dinner buffet. I was torn between picking 1 dish or indulging in their dinner buffet. (insert prices) Bangkok memories won me over and indulging was the choice for today. The food wasn’t 100% authentic but for the price, it was good enough for me. Also, I was disappointed that the Thai Iced Tea, my addiction, was unavailable.

My Thai Kitchen's Buffet Menu

Different appetizers including my fave, Salted Egg with Tomato Salad.

Their version of the Tom Yum Soup was more of a broth, it tasted like spicy Sinigang. It wasn’t authentic Tom Yum however it did get the spiciness of the original.

I loved their bagoong rice.

Ok, this is bad. I don't remember the exact price but buffet is definitely less than P300/head. =) When Thai cravings kick in, My Thai Kitchen is just a hop and skip away. Who will you “kaladkad” to enjoy Thai food?

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