Last Day of Team Manila's "Home of the Orig" Roadshow!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Roadshow poster from Team Manila

I'm a Team Manila fan even before they opened their apparel line. They put up a roadshow exhibit to tell their story and inspire others. I wrote a short write-up about it for here. Yes, the writing is quite, how do i say this, biased and inspired! Hahaha My fave line from the exhibit has got to be:
“Working overtime is not a problem; if we’re passionate about a project we see it from beginning to end.”
The simple statement is what everyone dreams of, finding THE passion job. Oh, they've re-issued some of their best selling designs too. Below are photos that didn't make it for the article.

oh yes, Team Manila keeps Manila happy hahaha

They kept their tools of the trade. I was drawn to the silkscreen because I remember this particular design. No, that's not my hand. =)

Today's the last day of the exhibit in Trinoma, hurry! Thanks again to Liz and Nico. =)

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