(delayed) Postcard Monday: Singapore

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hola! I wanted to post this on the last day of my birthday month but given certain circumstances, I couldn't. Anyway...a lot of people have been blogging about efforts for the Ondoy victims...Good job to everyone for doing their part in trying to help. =)

For this last postcard post, I'm taking you to Singapore! Which is where I was hiding the past couple of days and I just came back yesterday. That's how fresh these postcards are!
Wafer ice cream for sale on the street for S$1! They would make it in front of you and chop off ice cream like it were just cheese. Simple, cheap and a definite highlight of the trip. The ice cream in itself was fabulous! Tried the Raspberry Ripple (in photo), Peppermint Chip and Mocha Chip. Loved them all!

This is Chijmes, its an old Church that has been transformed into a commercial complex. It was so beautiful and steady to go around the area. Establishments are quite pricey though, think Greenbelt.

Beautiful and vibrant buildings in old Singapore

The reason why I went to Singapore.....a dream come true!

The sunrise that greeted me on my last day. In fairness, I'm rarely awake for sunrises. This photo wasn't photoshopped.
Singapore was an experiential birthday! =) I wasn't able to go around and take in culture as much as I wanted cos the race ate up most of my time. Anyhot, I'm looking forward to going back, taking in the other pieces and get to meet my friends based there. Haha =)

My 27th birthday definitely tops ALL the past celebrations. DAMN...how do I top this??? I keep on trying to top my birthdays every year hahaha

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