Postcard Monday: Mati, Davao Oriental

Monday, September 07, 2009

Who doesn’t cringe at the thought of Mondays…Yech…MON….DAY…..It’s the start of another ridiculously fast and stressful week for most people. If you are part of the exception and don’t fall under this category kudos to you! (Cue: slow clap. – thanks caro!). I want to look forward to Mondays for a change.

In honor of my birthday month, I’m having Postcard Mondays. Photos from travels that have made me smile like there’s no tomorrow. Goodbye words, hello photos. Start your week right and plaster a smile on your face. Good vibes all the way!

Friends, welcome to Mati! =)

Check out the awesome color of the sea. Even when it got dark, it was
that awesome. It even showed speckles of purple.

The locals are awesome skimboarders, only to find out that
November - March is surf season.

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