Postcard Monday: Batanes

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pardon the late post. I've been very quiet this September cos it officially kicks in the busy part of the year personally. Then again, works been keeping me loopy as well. Sighs.....

Anyhot! I believe that travel is a luxury, it's a gift that should be appreciated and treasured. This summer, I was able to go to a place that has always been on my Top 5 Places to go to before I die. I never thought I would actually step foot on Batanes, but I finally did. The trip was made extra special because we met and stayed with the Bartilads who were in one word, awesome. Add the fact that I was with great friends! Yes, I consider myself lucky and humbled. =)

What does one do when you stay a week in Batanes? Immerse in nature, culture and serenity. Oh, and of course eat like you'll be offered to the volcano gods as a sacrifice!

Click on photos to see full scale

We saw sooo much that this trip deserves more than 3 photos! =) Batanes was so kind that I've secretly planned to buy a ticket whenever the rates are dirty cheap.....Bahala na si Batman sa funds! Haha =)

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  1. hey rica! i love that photo with the bike and the sunset :)

  2. d! ang steady noh? ang sarap sanang hindi na umuwi sa kaguluhan ng maynila....

    i miss you....when are you free to date? cmon..lets do this! haha =) seriously....

    *thanks for dropping by =)


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